ADSTRA SMS Offers Seamless Appointment Integration

Any office administrator in a dental practice will tell you that one of the most time-consuming tasks is hunting down patients to confirm their appointments. There is a lot of time spent calling out to patients and ultimately not even reaching them. This results in leaving voicemails which are left unanswered for weeks on end. In turn, even more time is then spent on the phone trying to ensure that the calendars for each dental practitioner are filled to optimize each time slot, bringing in the most money to the practice as possible.

Now though, there is another way to confirm the dental appointments with your patients without wasting all of that valuable time; time that could be otherwise spent bringing in additional revenue to your dental practice.


ADSTRA SYSTEMS has partnered with a world leader in telecommunication solutions to provide dental offices with the ability to send reminders for appointments via SMS text messages. ADSTRA SMS allows patients to confirm their appointment directly from their cell phone.

ADSTRA SMS offers the capability to automatically send personalized appointment confirmation SMS text messages to your patients. By contacting patients via SMS text message directly on their cell phones, your dental practice will be able to reduce no-shows and cancellations. Not only can you set it up so that the SMS text messages are sent out automatically to confirm appointments, but these appointments will then be updated within your ADSTRA Management calendar automatically, according to the patient’s response.

With the seamless appointment integration, each practitioners calendar within ADSTRA Management will be automatically updated dependant on the patients’ response to the ADSTRA SMS text messages confirmation/reminder.

One of the ways to ensure your dental clinic is offering the best patient experience is by ensuring that there is a fast check-in and check-out process. By doing so, you showcase that you value your patients’ time, and they will notice this. If your patients are walking into your office, or leaving a treatment room, only to be left waiting at the front desk for your administration staff to finish their phone call – this can prove frustrating. Having ADSTRA SMS send out the SMS text messages automatically, your patients will be greeted by a friendly face, someone ready to assist with their checking-in or checking-out, when they approach the front desk. This will not only speed up their check-in and check-out process, but will also help your patients to feel more welcome in your office.

Let’s not forget – a happy patient can be one of the greatest assets to your dental practice. Knowing both you and your staff with all you have to offer, your patients can become great advocates for your practice when talking to their friends and family. Patient referrals are one of the best ways to generate new patients. By offering appointment confirmation via SMS text message through ADSTRA SMS – your patients will be impressed and excited to share their experience of easily confirming their appointments.

The automation of sending appointment reminders and confirmations via SMS text message will also free up more time for your administration staff to: follow-up with patients who have outstanding treatments, reach out to potential new customers, and perform other practice building tasks.

Gone are the days of wasting countless hours on the phone confirming appointments for your dental practice – let ADSTRA SMS do the work for you.