Paperless Records

Father and Daughter at Dental Reception Desk
dentist and parent in exam room looking at an ipad as the child lays in the chair
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ADSTRA iForms – An Easy-To-Use Digital Document Software Solution

Freeing your front-desk staff time from tedious tasks, such as inputting patient information from paper forms – is just one of the many benefits of creating a paperless dental practice.

An often-overlooked hurdle to going paperless is the multitude of different forms that a dental practice needs, not only to provide a great service to its patients – but to comply with all applicable professional regulations and to protect itself from any legal action.


Top Reasons for Converting to a Paperless Dental Software Solution

Many dental practices that are converting to a paperless dental software solution learn that this creates a better work flow for their dental practice. Not only do they save money from not having to purchase and store paper charts, but by using a paperless dental software solution, dental practices become more efficient, start to generate…


The Benefits of a Paperless Dental Software Solution with ADSTRA Charting

ADSTRA Dental Software has created a paperless dental software solution that allows everyone in your dental practice to efficiently work with ease. ADSTRA Charting, one of the four modules within the ADSTRA paperless dental software solution, offers a standardization to your dental notes and charts, making it easy for everyone to read them. Because ADSTRA…


Creating a Paperless Dental Office

“So, what does creating a paperless dental office mean to you?” When speaking with an office administrator or dental office owner about creating a paperless dental office, this is usually one of the first questions I ask. While there are still many dental offices that are not paperless, the concept of creating a paperless dental…