Benefits To A Cloud-Based Dental Software Solution

ADSTRA dental software is now available as a cloud-based dental software solution (ADSTRA Cloud) for your dental practice. This cloud solution is a safe and modern solution to your dental clinic’s needs.

ADSTRA Cloud is an all-in-one cloud-based dental software solution that offers an integrated solution for a paperless dental practice.

In a day and age where everything you could imagine is available via the cloud – people are often left wondering what the benefits are to buying their software, apps, music, movies, and more, in this way.

Dental software, and really – all software companies, are striving to develop cloud computing solutions that offer the consumer countless benefits. But what exactly are the benefits to a cloud-based dental software solution?

With ADSTRA Cloud:

·         You do not need to invest in or manage servers ·         You have access to your software from anywhere
·         Your security needs are met ·         Your data is safe and secure
·         Your backups are done automatically ·         You get access to the latest version of the ADSTRA software


Owning a physical copy of something is a way of the past. What would happen if you were to lose all of your music CDs? You’d have to go and replace them, right? That’s a hassle.

Let’s say instead of having physical CD’s – you just purchased and downloaded your music. Now, no matter what – you will always have access to your music.

You can’t lose something if it’s on the cloud.

The same situation can be applied to your data. What would happen if your dental clinic had a flood or a fire? All of those paper charts and your computers themselves would be destroyed. Do you have a procedure in place to recover all of your patient’s data?

If your patient’s data was stored on the cloud – all you would need to do is login from any computer to access it again.

ADSTRA‘s cloud-based dental software, ADSTRA Cloud, is hosted on safe and secure remote Microsoft managed servers. This allows you to have the ability to access your data from anywhere, on any Windows computer or tablet.

ADSTRA Cloud-Based Dental Software Hosted on Microsoft Azure Logo


Microsoft Azure is used by many companies, large and small, as the host of their cloud solutions. ADSTRA hosts a private cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Using advanced encryption methods and meeting the highest safety standards, Microsoft Azure is recognized as the most secure platform in the world and has methods in place for protecting you against the loss or theft of your data.

Working in the healthcare industry – dental providers have access to a lot of confidential information about all of their patients. It goes without saying that they have a duty to protect this information and ensure it is all securely stored.

In recent years, many dental practices have been affected by Trojan viruses, like the Cryptovirus, and their data was held hostage until a hefty ransom was paid.

With a cloud-based dental software solution like ADSTRA Cloud, situations like this could have been avoided. Since all of the patient data is not hosted locally on each computer, but instead on a safe and secure remote Microsoft managed server, Trojan viruses on the computer would not put the confidential patient data at risk.


ADSTRA Cloud is hosted on the most powerful cloud service platform in the world and offers a cost-effective solution for your dental practice. With no need to budget for servers or networking – your capital expenditure funds can be allocated for major equipment purchases.

The all-inclusive, no contract ADSTRA Cloud Monthly Subscription includes:

  • paperless dental software solution including appointments, patients’ records, imaging, clinical records, and patient forms
  • all of the software upgrades issued during the coverage period
  • unlimited on-going support by phone and remote-interactive support via the internet
  • training and/or access to training materials, as applicable
  • storage on Microsoft Azure Datacenters with automatic backups
  • 24/7 professionally managed IT hardware infrastructure

The ADSTRA cloud-based dental software, ADSTRA Cloud – is an affordable solution for dental clinics of any size.

Partnered with the security of Microsoft Azure, ADSTRA Cloud is the ideal dental software solution for your dental practice.

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Cloud Technology Helps Dental Clinics Provide Better Care

Because of better education about the benefit of good oral health when it comes to their overall physical well being, regular visits to dental clinics have become a way of life for North Americans over the past several decades. Patient demand and growing customer expectations from sectors outside of healthcare has led to a change in the way dentists do business. As a result, they are expanding their once modest clinics into large, modern, consumer-friendly facilities, and using the most advanced technological equipment available. Competition among practices is strong, and the pressure is on to present an appealing storefront while adopting cutting edge technology in order to attract clients. To complement the superior level of care dentists now strive to provide for their patients, many are turning to cloud-based technologies that streamline and modernize office procedures, unify multi-locations and reduce cost and complexity of delivering better customer service.

Cloud Technology

Since the 80s, the focus of dental care has changed to hygiene and oral health screening – in other words, preventive medicine – resulting in a markedly decreased need for extractions, fillings and dentures. This, however, has not led to fewer visits to the dentist, but rather increased demand for enhanced procedures. Canadians are well aware of the health and social impacts of neglecting their teeth and gums, and are willing to invest time and money to ensure the best treatment plans possible, including cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics, and geriatric dentistry. Practitioners have responded by diversifying and expanding, which allows them to offer a comprehensive range of services to their patients. As a result, dental clinics – with a full complement of hygienists, general practitioners, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial radiologists, etc. – are busier than ever before.


With the cost of opening a new practice costing well in excess of half-a-million dollars, savvy practitioners are pooling their resources to equip and staff large clinics instead, enabling them to provide the greatest range of procedures and services to the greatest number of people. Instead of having to refer patients to outside resources, specialists are located within the practice, providing a convenient service to customers as well as keeping business in-house, even if at a different physical location. Patients are comfortable knowing that their care is under the supervision of one practitioner, and that they can rely on established standards of practice across all clinics.


Of necessity, there has been a significant shift in the way clinics handle business. Today’s modern multi-location clinics require an integrated system that enables them to operate as a single entity with multiple branches in order to run effectively.

This is a trend that has grown beyond dentistry and is now seen across all medical professionals who are replacing single location solutions or paper-based operations with comprehensive digital platforms. It enables more streamlined workflow processes, shared information, and at-a-glance analytics which help keep their respective businesses strong and successful.

In the past, accomplishing a successful integration was not an easy task. Essentially, a software solution and a very powerful hardware infrastructure requiring significant IT manpower and budget had to be custom built. Now, utilizing the most powerful cloud service platform in the world – Microsoft Azure ADSTRA is able to deliver a total integrated solution designed specifically for dental clinics.

Microsoft Azure is being used by thousands of companies around the world, including Fortune 500 companies as well as medical records companies, which are putting actionable data in the hands of clinicians and healthcare providers.

Dental clinics across North America have relied on ADSTRA since 1994 for managing their day-to-day operations.  For more than a decade, one large branch of government, with over 100,000 employees, has been using ADSTRA to manage more than 30 dental clinics around the world, making it simple and easy to treat any employee from any location. All patient records, x-rays and other pertinent information are available to every clinic, saving time, reducing costs and, more importantly, enhancing the level of patient care for this agency.


ADSTRA has a proven solution that provides dental professionals with efficient, paperless patient management, appointment scheduling, charting, imaging, financials, and communications.

Intuitive and easy to use, the colourful graphic interface allows users to:

  • Easily schedule appointments at any location, administer patient records, set up billing and payments, and prepare reports across all locations;
  • Create odontogrammes for existing conditions as well as perform and plan treatment;
  • Capture, organize and enhance images from digital equipment such as cameras and radiographic devices, and share with branch clinics and specialists;
  • Communicate with other departments/locations via messaging or text;
  • Access data from multiple locations using computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

An all-inclusive maintenance service is another strength of ADSTRA’s Cloud offering. The software is pre-installed and configured, interactive software training and support is provided on-demand, and all software updates are automatically applied.

“Because it is flexible and scalable and adheres to the most stringent privacy and security regulations, the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure is ideally suited for multi-location practices that previously had no commercial product available to them,” says Viviana Bardea, Director of Software Development. “And it is incredibly cost efficient. With no upfront capital outlay and dramatically reduced licensing costs, money otherwise spent on servers, networking, software and support can be rolled back into the business instead.”

Trends in dental care are changing. It’s time to start the conversation about how the infinite power of the Microsoft Azure cloud combined with ADSTRA’s proven expertise in information management systems for oral healthcare can help your dental clinics face the future.