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Dental Software and HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliance

Three Reasons To Move To A Cloud-Based Dental Software Solution

The ADSTRA Paperless Dental Software Solution

ADSTRA Dental Software has been a leading provider of paperless dental software for over 20 years, including being selected by Lockheed Martin Canada to supply the paperless dental software component for the Canadian Department of National Defence’s state-of-the-art health care system.

As a leader in the paperless dental software field, ADSTRA is continuously developing ways to improve their solution, including now being able to offer a Cloud solution, ADSTRA Cloud.

ADSTRA Dental Software knew that developing a safe and secure cloud-based paperless dental software solution was something that their customers wanted – and so they partnered with fellow industry-leader, Microsoft Azure. Having already a solid foundation of a set of four proven modules, ADSTRA Dental Software combined the three ADSTRA modules (ADSTRA Management, Clinical, and Imaging) to create ADSTRA Cloud.

ADSTRA Paperless Dental Software Cloud

This one-stop solution offers an ideal paperless dental software set-up for both small and large offices, single or multi-location practices – with no up-front costs, no set-up fees, no need to budget for servers, and no need to back-up your own data.

ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Management

Your practice management dental software should be easy to use. ADSTRA Dental Software developed ADSTRA Management with this in mind. Treatments and receivables; patient administration and marketing; clinical notes and financial statements – are all just a click away within the ADSTRA Management paperless dental software solution. ADSTRA Management provides the ability to do everything you need in order to run the office aspect of your dental practice smoothly.

Additional ADSTRA Management features can be found HERE

ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Clinical

Linking your patients’ examinations, dental treatments, and dental treatment plans with the specified patient’s treatment and treatment plan logs within your practice management software is an ideal solution to helping your dental practice go paperless. ADSTRA Dental Software developed ADSTRA Clinical to work seamlessly with ADSTRA Management. Users are able to set their own preferences for a number of options within ADSTRA Clinical, as well as access general, periodontal, restorative, and endodontic charts.

Additional ADSTRA Clinical features can be found HERE

ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Imaging

Over the years, you may choose to switch your dental imaging equipment, so your dental imaging software should be flexible to meet your requirements. ADSTRA Imaging is flexible and scalable – capable of working with a variety of dental imaging devices. Capture and view your digital camera images, intra-oral camera images, panoramic radiographs, and intra-oral radiographs – and associate them all into one patient record.

Additional ADSTRA Imaging features can be found HERE

ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Clinical

Communication is key to having your dental practice run smoothly. Between storing electronic documents, tracking consumables, or even inter-office instant messaging – ADSTRA Clinical is the ideal addition to your overall paperless dental software solution.

Additional ADSTRA Clinical features can be found HERE

The ADSTRA Paperless Dental Software Solution

Combining the features of the above ADSTRA Dental Software modules with the safety and security of Microsoft managed servers, as well as hosting on the Microsoft Azure platform, ADSTRA Dental Software provides the optimal paperless dental software solution for your dental practice software needs.

Cloud Dental Software Helps Dream Come True

For as long as I can remember, I always dreamed of the day that I would open my own practice as a dentist. Finally, after years of studying – that day has arrived, and I couldn’t be more excited.

As I entered the office of the dental practice I just purchased, I was greeted by Marge who has been the practice receptionist for over 20 years. As she congratulates me, she begins reminiscing about her many years with the practice. “We’ve come a long way over the years,” she says fondly; thinking back to the days where we used a 56K modem to dial-in to the internet, or even further back to where everything was paper-based. “When I started, there were stacks of papers everywhere: files upon files of papers that housed treatments, notes, billing, reference letters – and everything in between. And now here we are, 20 years later, with everything on computers…how times have changed.”

cloud dental software

Throughout our university days, I would tell my family about how I wanted to have a thriving dental practice. “I will open multiple clinics, offering a variety of specialized treatments that would offer patients a wide variety of service– all under the same practice!” I had always been the ambitious entrepreneur type, visioning the big picture and working towards it. Now that this dream was becoming a reality – I began to do a little research.

This type of project is not a given, we are speaking of a large investment of not only time – but also of money. Putting aside the costs in real estate which will be considerable, the technological needs are much greater than they were twenty years ago. Looking over the cost of new servers, new computer systems, additional software licenses, backup devices without forgetting potential training for new employees, I was skeptical. After all, we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars.

Finding a safe and secure solution that was easy-to-use and able to offer the ability to have our database accessible in multiple locations was a very important first step. Marge gave me the contact information for our current software provider. I wanted to see if there were any options available to make this switch easier, and to my delight – there most certainly were.

The Customer Care Specialist informed me that they now offer a cloud-based version of their software that provides the capability to store documents and databases on a remote server. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the most powerful cloud service platform in the world, the ADSTRA Cloud dental software solution is a safe and secure solution with which we would not have to worry about the additional costs associated with servers and hardware. We would be able to access our database over the internet, from anywhere and on any Windows device.

The difference with a cloud dental software system is that instead of having to maintain our database locally, it allows us to access our data from anywhere, any time. It also offers the opportunity to share our database with several of our locations simultaneously providing the management team not only global reports, but reports for each location as well.

The idea of migrating to a cloud system interested me, as we do not want to have to divest ourselves of some of our older computers, and that this platform is also compatible with our tablets, this became a very interesting idea indeed.

Since this kind of platform is accessible on a remote server, the main requirement needed is a fast and reliable Internet connection. Just as easy as checking our e-mail or browsing the Internet, by simply connecting to our remote server database and logging in with our individual user IDs, we could access our database through our software.

The ADSTRA Cloud dental software solution is a complete paperless system that also connects multiple locations with one database – this is exactly what I had to have in order to start building my dream dental practice.