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Why Choose ADSTRA Dental Software?

For over 20 years, ADSTRA Systems (ADSTRAhas been developing dental software, and in 2000 – Lockheed Martin Canada even selected ADSTRA to supply the dental software component of the Canadian Department of National Defence’s state-of-the-art health care system. Over the years, ADSTRA has been a leader in the dental software field, working on and improving their on-premise solution year after year.

Now ADSTRA is ahead of the game with the release of their cloud-based solution, ADSTRA Cloud.

ADSTRA decided to partner with a fellow industry-leader Microsoft Azure to provide their customers with a safe and secure cloud-based dental software solution. Combining the three ADSTRA modules (ADSTRA Management, ADSTRA Clinical, and ADSTRA Imaging) that help modern dental practices become more efficient – ADSTRA Cloud is a one-stop solution that is ideal for both small and large, single or multi-location dental practices.

With no need to worry about up-front costs, set-up fees, budgeting for servers, or even backing up your data – ADSTRA Cloud is the ideal solution for your dental practice.

ADSTRA Dental Software Cloud

ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Management

ADSTRA Management is a practice management dental software that is designed to be easy to use, with everything just a click away. Treatments and receivables; patient administration and marketing; clinical notes and financial statements – ADSTRA Management provides the ability to do everything you need in order to run the office aspect of your dental practice.

Additional ADSTRA Management features:

  • Detailed patient information with alerts, associated fee guide, patient picture option, preferred language and associated provider
  • Drag and drop Appointments: By providers and / or rooms, by day or week, with visual alerts for medical or confirmation, checked in patients and options to show or hide names and notes, easy rescheduling, short call list and option to e-mail appointment reminders
  • Insurance and co-insurance, coverage tracking, electronic claims via internet, and reprint claims
  • Treatment planning, predeterminations with estimate form, treatment log, treatment history with customized quick codes and instant access to fee guide
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Planning, logging, predetermination forms and financial tracking
  • Clinical Notes: Signature protected with customized templates and medical spell-check
  • Prescriptions: Pad format printouts and prescription tracking with customizable templates
  • Financial Information: Payments due by patient, payments by charges, payment plans, bulk payments, write offs, interest charges, merchant charge calculation with flexible financial guarantor, receipt on demand and multi payments option
  • Daily reports, aged financial reports and statements, bill and payment summaries, production reports and charts, referral and patient reports, patient demographic, patient retention rate, treatment by procedures, patients time distribution chart
  • Marketing Reminders: Predeterminations received no appointments, recall due or overdue; lab case missing before the appointment, welcome pack for new patients, thank you for referrals, missed treatment or missed recall appointments, treatment plans no appointments
  • Email Capabilities: Marketing reminders, appointment confirmation, appointment follow-up, letters
ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Clincial

ADSTRA Clinical is a dental software solution designed to create examinations, dental treatments, and dental treatment plans which can be automatically linked with the specified patient’s treatment and treatment plan logs within ADSTRA Management. Users are able to set their own preferences for a number of options within ADSTRA Clinical, as well as access general, periodontal, restorative, and endodontic charts.

Additional ADSTRA Clinical features:

  • General Charting Tools: Cavities, Missing, Un-erupted, Partially Erupted, Rotated, Extruded, Submerged, Impacted, Drifted, Tilted, Supernumerary, Decalcification, Hypercalcification, Malalignment, Developmental Groove, Permanent Tooth, Primary Tooth, Loose Contact, Open Contact
  • Restorative Charting Tools: Crown, Bridge, Denture, Inlay, Onlay, Veneer, Implant, Implant with Crown, Fillings, Core Build-up, Extraction Needed, Overhang
  • Endodontic Charting Tools: Root Canal Treatment, Defective Root Canal, Apical Area, Retrograde Filling, Pin, Post, Root Caries, Perforation
  • Periodontal Charting Tools: MAG, Mobility, Furcation, Plaque, Bleeding, Suppuration, Abrasion, Attrition, Erosion, Blunted Papilla, Cratered Papilla, Gingival Enlargement, Hemisection
  • Charting Pockets and Recessions with comparison over time
  • Extra-Oral Examinations, Custom Exams, Occlusion Exams, Define Custom Exam Templates
  • Reports: Odontogram, Chart details in text format, Pockets and Recession Readings, Dental Caries Progression Report
ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Imaging

ADSTRA Imaging is a world-class, comprehensive dental software designed to manage dental images and x-rays. ADSTRA Imaging provides easy image capture from all types of dental imaging devices: digital camera images, intra-oral camera images, panoramic radiographs, and intra-oral radiographs – all into one patient record.

Additional ADSTRA Imaging features:

  • Image Annotation Tools: Line, rectangle, ellipse, polygonal line, pointer, free-hand shape, text and notes
  • Image Enhancement and X-Ray Tools:  Gamma correction, grayscale, histo-equlize, extra-sharp, emboss, brightness and contrast on mouse move, area optimizer and histogram viewer as well as user definable filters
  • Integration with Microsoft Word with automatic image transfer to custom and predefined letter templates, for example – in reference to specialists
ADSTRA Dental Software – ADSTRA Clinical

ADSTRA Clinical is designed to be an easy and effective means of communication within your dental practice. Whether it’s tracking consumables, storing electronic documents, or even inter-office instant messaging – ADSTRA Clinical provides the tools needed to run your dental practice smoothly.

Additional ADSTRA Clinical features:

  • Integrates patient’s information with ADSTRA Management and/or ADSTRA Imaging
  • Create and type messages to broadcast to all or specific users
  • Search for documents with a customized search tool and view them in a preview mode
The features of each of the above mentioned ADSTRA modules, combined with the safety and security of Microsoft managed servers, and hosting on the Microsoft Azure platform – make ADSTRA Cloud the optimal solution for your dental practice software needs.