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Top Reasons for Converting to a Paperless Dental Software Solution

Many dental practices that are converting to a paperless dental software solution learn that this creates a better work flow for their dental practice. Not only do they save money from not having to purchase and store paper charts, but by using a paperless dental software solution, dental practices become more efficient, start to generate new patients, and increase case acceptances.

While there are plenty of reasons to convert your dental practice to using a paperless dental software solution with ADSTRA Dental Software, below are the main advantages of switching to a paperless dental software solution.

Top Reasons for Converting to a Paperless Dental Software Solution


ADSTRA Dental Software not only keeps track of all past appointments, as well as future appointments – but, it can also send email or SMS confirmation requests that automatically update the Appointments Screen when a patient confirms via email or text message.

Patient Forms

Instead of wasting your front desk staffs time entering patient information, medical conditions, or consent forms that the patients filled out on paper – simply hand your patients a tablet with the forms preloaded on them. Once completed, ADSTRA Dental Software has a quick and simple way of allowing your staff to double check the information and to automatically update the patient file in the software.


ADSTRA Dental Software also provides dental professionals with an easy and efficient means to communicate with each other throughout the office. You can create and type messages to broadcast to all users, or specific users one at a time, with the ability to custom define one-click responses for quick reply.


Do you want an easy way to store and retrieve documents pertaining to specific patients coming from elsewhere? ADSTRA Dental Software has your answer. Simply convert the document into a PDF (if it already isn’t one) and you can easily store, view, and organize patient documents for each patient.

Converting your dental practice to a paperless dental software solution is not something to take lightly.

It is important that this process is well planned. The entire staff will need to be trained accordingly on the new paperless dental software solution.

Offices are sometimes reluctant to make changes to their practice because of the fear that comes from the potential hidden costs.

With ADSTRA Dental Software, there are NO hidden costs.

Not only is the initial training of your staff included in the monthly fees, but there is unlimited on-going training included as well.

Making the switch to a paperless dental software solution is something that will add benefit to your dental practice all around. Between increased patient case acceptance, generating new patients, better overall workflow, and the safety and security of storing your charts electronically – there is no reason why your dental office should not convert to a paperless dental software solution with ADSTRA Dental Software.

Contact an ADSTRA Dental Software Customer Care Specialist today to learn more on how your office can start the process of converting to a paperless dental software solution.

The Benefits of a Paperless Dental Software Solution with ADSTRA Clinical

ADSTRA Dental Software has created a paperless dental software solution that allows everyone in your dental practice to efficiently work with ease.

ADSTRA Clinical, one of the three modules within the ADSTRA paperless dental software solution, offers a standardization to your dental notes and charts, making it easy for everyone to read them.

Because ADSTRA Clinical uses standard symbols that are accurate and easy to read, not only will all staff members be on the same wavelength when reading the charts, but the standardization of the dental charts and notes will ensure that any new employees who come on board within your practice will be able to easily learn the system and read the notes.

dentist and parent in exam room looking at an ipad as the child lays in the chair

ADSTRA Clinical, one of ADSTRA Dental Software modules, provides you with the ability to track a patient’s progress over time. It allows you to create a dental chart to establish the existing condition of your patients and subsequently to use these same charts to create new ones and so on. Thus, allowing you to follow the progress of your patients’ treatments, all without paper.

ADSTRA Clinical allows each user to configure their own preferences for general, periodontal, restoration materials, links to the procedure codes used, as well as several other functions in ADSTRA Clinical.

Among an impressive list of available functions, here are a few available within the ADSTRA paperless dental software solution:
  • Possibility of creating dental charts for examinations, treatments or planned treatments.
  • The endodontic chart provides you with tools for periodontal pockets measurement, suppuration, plaque, bleeding, gum recession and more.
  • A wide range of reports as well as the complete chart can be printed as shown on the screen.
  • Get a medical spell checker or customizable templates.
  • Clinical notes are protected with signatures.

Working seamlessly with ADSTRA Management, ADSTRA Clinical is a fully integrated paperless dental software solution that will automatically link patients’ treatment plans and notes to their files. By having all of your patients’ records stored in one paperless dental software solution – duplication’s of reports and charts are eliminated. And by having the ability to use the standardization offered for your dental notes and charts, you will save time and money streamlining your business process within your dental practice.

Combined with the other modules in the ADSTRA Dental Software Suite, ADSTRA Clinical is an ideal solution to help your dental clinic flourish and become more effective.

ADSTRA can help your dental practice become more efficient by switching to a paperless dental software solution.

Creating a Paperless Dental Office

“So, what does creating a paperless dental office mean to you?”

When speaking with an office administrator or dental office owner about creating a paperless dental office, this is usually one of the first questions I ask. While there are still many dental offices that are not paperless, the concept of creating a paperless dental office is not new. In fact, there was actually an article posted in Business Week back in June 1975 about ‘offices of the future’ and how they would be paperless.

But what does a “paperless dental office” really mean?

It’s basically as simple as it sounds. A paperless dental office is one in which the use of paper is eliminated, or greatly reduced, by converting existing information contained on paper into a digital format.

In dentistry, creating a paperless dental office is also referred to as going “chartless.” This is because there are actually still some instances where paper documents are still required. So while the majority of patient information including charts, images, and treatment plans are stored digitally – outside communication and information shared (incoming and outgoing) are still done on paper.

Creating a Paperless Dental Office

“Going paperless is a process, not an event.”

Creating a paperless dental office is not something that can be done overnight; it will take some time to convert everything over. This is something to keep in mind when wanting to transition from where you are today to a paperless dental office of the future. Setting targets and taking the steps necessary to reach each milestone is a way to keep your expectations achievable.

There is no need to do everything at once. Switching to digital charting, clinical notes, emailing patients their appointment reminders – these are all changes that can be made when converting to a paperless dental office. However, take it one step at a time as to not overwhelm yourself or your staff. Ensure your dental software provider is providing you with adequate training along the way, this way you are optimizing your dental software to best suit your new paperless dental office.

Chances are, your practice is already somewhat a paperless dental office and you don’t even realize it! Take a moment and analyze exactly what your business process is.

What are you storing digitally, and what processes are you still doing by hand on paper?

Here is a list of the most common dental office processes:

  • Patient Information
  • Appointments
  • Billing & Payments
  • Payment Plans
  • Submitting Insurance Claims
  • Treatment Plans
  • Clinical Notes
  • Charting & Charting Notes
  • Camera and X-ray Imagery
  • Patient Communication
  • Referral to Specialist
  • Daily & Administrative Reports
  • Patient Statements
  • Inventory Tracking

Now re-evaluate your business process. Take a look at the processes that you are still using paper for and figure out if you can do them through your dental software instead. Not sure? No problem – simply contact your dental software provider and ask them if the software has any of these capabilities. If it can, great! Arrange some training and start taking the first steps to create your paperless dental office.

If your software does not have the specific capabilities that you are looking for, it may be time to make a switch. For example, dental software provider, ADSTRA, offers a cloud-based solution that would likely meet and exceed your expectations for creating a paperless dental office.

Now that you’ve sorted out WHAT you’re going to do with a paperless dental office, it’s time to figure out HOW to get you there. Dental software providers, such as ADSTRA, have solutions in place to help take the stress out of this step. Converting documents that come in, storing them electronically, and even sorting them by patient is a convenient solution to this step.

Again, remember that this is a process – not an event. You will likely keep your old paper records and charts for a period of time while in transition to a paperless dental office. Having those on hand to refer back to will come in handy during this transition. Over time though, you will notice that you will refer back to them less and less, until the point where you won’t at all.

This is when you can finally box the last of your charts and documents and truly utilize your paperless dental office.