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Dr. Randy G. Raetz

“I opened up my own dental practice in 2004. I had wanted to go paperless and with ADSTRA Dental Software, I was able to do this. It is a versatile program which can be arranged how you want it to appear. The ability to show patients their charting, radiographs and imaging on the computer is invaluable. It helps educate the patient, and also motivates patients to accept your treatment plan recommendations. The few times that we had had a technical problem, the technical support staff has been awesome. They are easy to reach, and quick to fix the problem, usually just by connecting over the internet. I highly recommend this product!”

Dr. Randy G. Raetz DDS
Rochester, NY USA

Bay Bloor Endodontics

ADSTRA Imaging™ software has been a great asset to my practice. The folks at ADSTRA Dental Software have even made changes that I have suggested to improve specific aspects as they relate to my practice. I was nervous to make the leap from plain film to digital radiography, but ADSTRA technical support made it easy.

ADSTRA Imaging™ uses Microsoft Word so as an endodontist my reports have been easily incorporated. I researched several other software systems from other companies but none measured up. The icing on the cake was its reasonable price. I would recommend this software system to anyone.

Bravo ADSTRA Dental Software keep up the great work!”

Dr. Irwin R. Golosky DDS
Endodontic Consultant, Princess Margaret Hospital
Toronto, ON Canada

Signature Smile Designs

“We have been using ADSTRA’s cloud-based dental software for almost 2 years now. I acquired a second office and wanted to have a common patient database. I had been using ADSTRA Dental Software (server-based system) since 2003…I can access my software from anywhere that has wifi. When we have errors…ADSTRA is quick to address the issue and resolve it. I was anxious in the beginning going to a cloud-based software…but at this point, I see that this is the way all offices will be.”

Dr. Kurt J. Laemmer Jr. DMD
Bradford, PA USA

Gordana Dental Art Studio

ADSTRA Imaging™ lends doctors and patients the opportunity to view treatment plans and recommendations. It allows for more open lines of communication to take place between the lab and our doctors.”

Dr. Singer
Gordana Dental Art Studio
Toronto, ON Canada