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Three Reasons To Move To A Cloud-Based Dental Software Solution

ADSTRA Systems (ADSTRA) has been an industry leader in developing dental software for over 20 years. ADSTRA is continuously improving their on-premise solution year after year. Now ADSTRA is providing the utmost up-to-date dental software, with the release of their cloud-based solution, ADSTRA Cloud.  1. Safety And Security ADSTRA Cloud dental software uses Microsoft Azure – the most secure platform in the world. Microsoft […]

ADSTRA Dental Software – Providing An Integrated Solution For Over 20 Years

ADSTRA provides the total package, which satisfies the paperless dental software needs of today’s modern dental practice. For over 20 years, ADSTRA has been a renowned provider of dental software. As a respected leader in the dental software field – the ADSTRA integrated dental software solution has been used by small dental practices, multi-location dental clinics, […]

The Benefits of a Paperless Dental Software Solution with ADSTRA Charting

ADSTRA Dental Software has created a paperless dental software solution that allows everyone in your dental practice to efficiently work with ease. ADSTRA Charting, one of the four modules within the ADSTRA paperless dental software solution, offers a standardization to your dental notes and charts, making it easy for everyone to read them. Because ADSTRA […]

The ADSTRA Paperless Dental Software Solution

ADSTRA Dental Software has been a leading provider of paperless dental software for over 20 years, including being selected by Lockheed Martin Canada to supply the paperless dental software component for the Canadian Department of National Defence’s state-of-the-art health care system. As a leader in the paperless dental software field, ADSTRA is continuously developing ways […]

How ADSTRA Charting Can Help Your Practice Grow

Anyone who has seen a prescription from their doctor, or hand-written dental charts while at their dental appointment can agree – these are some of the most difficult notes to read, unless you are the one who wrote them. When it comes to dental charts, for the most part, dental offices will attempt to implement […]