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How ADSTRA Clinical Can Help Your Practice Grow

Anyone who has seen a prescription from their doctor, or hand-written dental charts while at their dental appointment can agree – these are some of the most difficult notes to read, unless you are the one who wrote them. When it comes to dental charts, for the most part, dental offices will attempt to implement […]

Solving Your Inter-Office Communication Problem

Time and time again we have seen the woes associated with inter-office communication play out in front of us; whether on TV or even in real life. The hustle and bustle of a busy office will have the overworked receptionist struggling to alert someone that their next appointment has arrived. Usually, mostly for laughs on […]

5 Ways To Use Marketing Reminders Within Your Dental Software

Today, we have many tools from with which we can acquire new patients. Through social media or via various advertising tools, it is very easy to promote new services to attract new customers. Professionals also have access to several tools that allow them to stay close to their customers. To help you retain your patient’s […]

Why Choose ADSTRA Dental Software?

For over 20 years, ADSTRA Systems (ADSTRA) has been developing dental software, and in 2000 – Lockheed Martin Canada even selected ADSTRA to supply the dental software component of the Canadian Department of National Defence’s state-of-the-art health care system. Over the years, ADSTRA has been a leader in the dental software field, working on and improving their on-premise […]

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure With ADSTRA Dental Software

ADSTRA Dental Software is now available as a cloud-based solution for your dental practice. This cloud solution is a safe and modern solution to your dental clinic’s needs. In a day and age where everything you could imagine is available via the cloud – people are often left wondering what the benefits are to buying […]

How Using Microsoft Word Templates Can Allow You To See More Patients

Writing consultation reports can be a time consuming, daunting task. Most reports are done using Microsoft Word and when using Microsoft Word templates to write them the task becomes every so slightly less onerous. Going a step further, imaging software that has a user-centric design and deep level integration with Microsoft Word can make report […]