• Creating Charts

    Exam, Treatment, Treatment Plans

  • General Charting Tools

    Cavities, Missing, Un-erupted, Partially Erupted, Rotated, Extruded, Submerged, Impacted, Drifted, Tilted, Supernumerary, Decalcification, Hypercalcification, Malalignment, Developmental Groove, Permanent Tooth, Primary Tooth, Loose Contact, Open Contact

  • Periodontal Charting Tools

    MAG, Mobility, Furcation, Plaque, Bleeding, Suppuration, Abrasion, Attrition, Erosion, Blunted Papilla, Cratered Papilla, Gingival Enlargement, Hemisection

  • Pockets and Recessions

    Charting Pockets and Recessions with comparison over time

  • Specific Exams

    Extra-Oral Examinations, Custom Exams, Occlusion Exams, Define Custom Exam Templates

  • Restorative Charting Tools

    Crown, Bridge, Denture, Inlay, Onlay, Veneer, Implant, Implant With Crown, Fillings, Core Build-up, Extraction Needed, Overhang

  • Endodontic Charting Tools

    Root Canal Treatment, Defective Root Canal, Apical Area, Retrograde Filling, Pin, Post, Root Caries, Perforation

  • Clinical Notes

    Signature protected, with customizable templates and medical spell-checker

  • Printing Reports

    Odontogram, Chart details in text format, Pockets and Recession Readings, Dental Caries Progression Report

  • Multi-lingual Interface

    Available in English, French and Spanish

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