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ADSTRA Connect™
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adstra dental software blue cubes
ADSTRA Connect™
ADSTRA Connect Screen
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ADSTRA Connect™ – Paperless Solution for Dental Practices

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ADSTRA Connect™, a paperless solution for dental practices, is designed to be an easy and effective means of communication within your dental practice.

  • Customize the web browsing capabilities for stations within your office with predefined shortcuts
  • In-Office messaging has never been easier with one-click quick replies
  • Organize your PDF files and forms by status
  • Search your PDF files and forms with customized search options

In-Office Instant Messaging with ADSTRA Connect™

ADSTRA Connect™ provides dental professionals with an easy and efficient means to communicate with each other throughout the office.

  • Custom definable one-click responses for quick reply
  • Three most recent messages are viewed on screen, incoming messages push older messages down
  • Dismiss messages by closing conversation box
  • Create and type messages to broadcast to all users or specific users one at a time

Track Consumables and Equipment in ADSTRA Connect™

In ADSTRA Connect™ the Inventory Module allows tracking of consumables and equipment.

  • The Main Panel displays the available inventory by location
  • The Transactions show all the details with quantity and dates received, consumed and verified
  • View Equipment Records including details regarding periodic servicing
  • The Contact Information for manufacturers and suppliers is maintained in the Companies tab

ADSTRA Connect™ – File Management System for Storing Electronic Documents

ADSTRA Connect™ provides complete organization and access to your PDF files, making it the ideal paperless solution for dental practices.

  • Select and define categories for each document
  • Add and define status of documents
  • Search documents with a customized search tool
  • A quick view documents

Customize your Web Browsing with ADSTRA Connect™

ADSTRA Connect™ offers the capability to customize the web browsing experience within your dental office.

  • Intergrated web browser within ADSTRA Connect™
  • Define specific shortcuts to be available
  • Applicable to all stations that have ADSTRA Connect™ installed

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