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Easy Image Capture From Multiple Devices

Consistent Management of Images Independent of their Source

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Easy Image Capture From Multiple Devices

Consistent Management of Images Independent of their Source

 Capture Dental X-Ray Images From Many Devices With ADSTRA Imaging™

ADSTRA Imaging™ The All-In-One Dental Imaging Software

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 ADSTRA Imaging™ – the freedom of choice

ADSTRA Imaging™ has direct connectivity with high-tech devices from leading manufacturers. ADSTRA Imaging™ allows you to capture dental images from:

  • Intraoral cameras and video microscope
  • Digital cameras and paper scanners
  • Intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric radiographic sensor

Add additional devices without having to learn to use additional software.

Effective Treatment Presentations

With ADSTRA Imaging™ you will be able to build a portfolio with images of performed treatment that can be quickly accessed when a problem is identified and a treatment solution is proposed.

  • Put dental x-rays image side-by-side with intraoral images  to provide powerful graphic illustrations
  • Access to your catalog images with quick and simple retrieval of images
  • Save for future reference, or one click print/email

Educate your patient, improve their confidence and increase the treatment acceptance with ADSTRA Imaging™.

Powerful Image Enhancements

Unique to ADSTRA Imaging™ is the ability for users to define image enhancement filters to suit their individual needs.

  • Predefined image enhancement filters, radiologist approved
  • A complete range of annotation tools
  • Calibration and distance measurement tools
  • Automatic capture enhancements, device dependent
  • Drawing tools such as text and shape annotations, length measurement and teeth whitening
  • Image optimization such as adjusting contract on mouse move, area optimizer, custom-definable and extra-sharp filters

Professional Custom Reports

Increase efficiency by using templates that include both pictures and text to create letters for patients, insurance companies or colleagues.

ADSTRA Imaging™ reporting features include:

  • Quick image retrieval
  • Built-in letter generation module for quick letters with custom definable text and automatic image layout
  • Integration of Microsoft Word with automatic image transfer to predefined and custom-defined letter templates
  • Specialized printing (real scale for panoramic and cephalometric images)
  • Email with automatic creation of attachments in JPEG format and the option to include a text file with image information

ADSTRA iVIEWER : Access to your image portfolio from anywhere.

Access to your image portfolio from anywhere at any time with ADSTRA iVIEWER.

  • ADSTRA Imaging™ Uploads Images
  • Show Patient Treatment Options
  • Consult with Colleagues
  • Communicate with Labs
  • Cross-compatibility with any operating system: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry

Dental X-Ray Capture

ADSTRA Imaging™ captures x-ray images from intra-oral, panoramic and cephalometric digital x-ray devices. Radiographs can be captured in the main screen or by using a pre-defined or a custom template.

In capture mode, each position displays the capture order. When using an intra-oral sensor, the captured images are automatically positioned in accordance with user preference. 

Viewing Images

Camera images and radiographs can be displayed by using the sorted view or when choosing a patient. All patient images are opened one by one and are displayed on the left-hand-side in the film strip area.

A full screen image is displayed with a simple double-click. With one click of a button, you can display the last panoramic and bite-wing radiography or automatically compare the current x-ray with previous exams.

Easy Image Management

ADSTRA Imaging™ is a world class comprehensive software designed to manage dental images.

ADSTRA Imaging™ provides easy image capture from all types of dental imaging devices: digital camera images, intra-oral camera images, panoramic radiographs and intra-oral radiographs.

Dental imaging are all automatically saved into the patient’s record.

X-Ray Tools

ADSTRA Imaging™ enables users to make the most of their radiographic images.

Is the image not sharp enough? One-button-click gives instant sharpness.Is the panoramic image too dark? ADSTRA Imaging™ simultaneously adjusts brightness and contrast by simply moving the mouse. It is easier to explain the problems when using a colorized x-ray.

For a post procedural review of an implant, use the interface filter, and view it side-by-side with the original image. Precise distance measurement and clear image visualization make endodontic treatment easy.

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