ADSTRA SMS™ Appointment Confirmation via SMS Text Messages

ADSTRA SYSTEMS has partnered with a world leader in telecommunication solutions to provide dental offices with the ability to send reminders for appointments via SMS text messages. ADSTRA SMS™ allows patients to confirm their appointment directly from their cell phone.

Available to customers in USA and Canada, enrollment can be made through monthly ADSTRA SMS™ packages.

Why Choose ADSTRA SMS™?


    The Confirmation/Follow-Up screen permits sending all text reminders with one click for all appointments within a selected time frame.

  • Better Patient Care

    Freeing staff from confirmation calls will lead to more time for following-up with patients with outstanding treatments, and other practice building activities.


    In ADSTRA Management, the appointments will show “confirmed” when the patient replies YES.


    Patients will receive a SMS text reminder with the office phone number for them to easily call in case they need to reschedule, or they can confirm by simply replying YES whenever convenient for them.

  • Reduced No-Shows And Cancellations

    Contacting patients directly on their cell phones ensures that each patient will personally receive their reminder.


    Patients’ cell phone numbers for receiving SMS text reminders can be set when the appointments are booked.

How It Works

Confirmation / Follow-Up Screen

  • Permits filtering the scheduled appointments by various criteria; for example, you can select to view appointments two weeks or three days in advance
  • The SMS Text button will generate the ADSTRA SMS™ text messages for the selected appointment for all patients with their preference set to SMS Text

Message Log

The Message Log tracks the messages generated and is color-coded based on transmission status:
  • Orange – message was generated
  • Green – patient replied YES
  • Red – patient opted out from reminders
  • Blue – patient sent a different reply

A Surprising Usage of SMS Text Messaging

The other day, while on my way to grab some lunch – I received a text message from a friend of mine. She was meeting up with a few other friends at a local café, and invited me to join. What perfect timing! As we were enjoying the sunshine on the patio, my phone rang. […]

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