Easy to Learn and Use

Comprehensive Dental Management Software


Easy to Learn and Use

Comprehensive Dental Management Software

ADSTRA Management™ Complete Dental Practice Management Software for Dental Offices

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ADSTRA Management™ dental practice management software easily and efficiently provides dental offices with total office management.

From treatment to receivables, from patient administration to marketing, from clinical notes to financial statements and multi-level security, ADSTRA Management™ offers a variety of features.

ADSTRA Management™ dental practice management software is designed to be extremely easy to use; everything you need is just a click away.

  • Flexible – use only what you need or want.
  • Detailed personal and medical records for patients.
  • Alerts can be set and will show in pertinent areas.
  • Treatment logs use a catalog of dental procedures.
  • Custom templates for creating clinical notes.
  • Ledger card for patients and financial dependents.
  • Prescription and Lab Case Tracking.

Book Dental Appointments

ADSTRA Management™ scheduling system uses many powerful visual tools.
  • Three Views: By Provider and Room, By Room, By Provider.
  • Calendar-based Navigator & Buttons-based Navigator.
  • Appointments sharing the same time frame are shown side-by-side.
  • Appointment re-sizing – Position your mouse on the top or bottom edge to re-size the appointment.

Dental Practice Analytics

ADSTRA Management™ provides the most complete reporting solution available in the market.

  • Marketing Reminder provides practice building information with ten types of reminders generated on-demand.
  • Control Panel Screen: at a glance summary of important indicators of your practice’s performance organized by: year, quarter, month or week.
  • More than one hundred reports and charts available.

Clinical Notes with Minimal Typing

ADSTRA Management™ is designed to minimize typing and to standardize entries through user-definable templates.

  • The user is able to create templates for clinical notes.
  • Includes editing tools: bold, italic, underline, font color, cut, copy, paste.
  • Right-Click menu for editing options: cut, copy, paste.
  • Spell checking capabilities for user’s language as well as for medical/dental terms.
  • Shows notes individually, as a summary or in a continuous mode.
  • Clinical Notes Summary report to show number of notes per provider.
  • A note can be created and it can be finalized by signing/confirming.
  • The access to various functionalities depends on specific user’s rights. 

ADSTRA SMS™ – Confirm Appointments via SMS Text Messages


ADSTRA SYSTEMS has partnered with a world leader in telecommunication solutions to provide dental offices with the ability to send reminders for appointments via SMS text messages. This service allows patients to confirm their appointment directly from their cell phone.

Available to customers in USA and Canada, enrollment can be made through monthly ADSTRA SMS™ Text Messages Packages.

Treatement Record

ADSTRA Management™ covers all aspects of record keeping for dental treatment. Medical conditions of special concern. It can be set, and be easily reviewed with the patient at each visit. The performed treatment is added in the Treatment Log by consulting the catalog of dental procedures, or by typing procedure codes or your own procedure nicknames.

Orthodontic Treatment can be tracked, and due charges are automatically generated. Clinical notes are displayed one-by-one; as an itemized list; or as continuous text. Custom templates minimize typing needed for creating the notes.

ADSTRA Management™ also includes treatment planning and treatment estimates.

Control and Administration

ADSTRA Management™ is a world class dental software that provides a complete dental practice management software for dental offices. From treatment to receivables, it provides accurate information giving you control over your practice.

Quick and intuitive, the scheduler is a color-coded guide to your daily appointments. The Marketing Reminder provides practice building information. To ensure the security and privacy of treatment and financial data, access rights are defined by users and roles. More than one hundred reports and charts show, at any time, exactly how the practice is performing.

Easy to Use

ADSTRA Management™ is designed to be extremely easy to use. One-button simplicity ensures that all activities are only one button away. The personal file provides all needed patient information in an easy to read format.

The dental practice management software’s check in and check out procedures ensure that patients cannot slip through the cracks!

The appointment book allows for drag-and-drop rescheduling. Appointments are confirmed with one click. Users can define colors by purpose: for example yellow for crown appointments. Short-notice patients can be tracked to fill in cancellations.

Build Practices and Automate Marketing Tasks

Routine tasks are smartly processed in the Marketing Reminders screen to provide key information.

Ten types of reminders can be generated on-demand: planned treatment not yet scheduled; periodic exams over-due or due in the near future; lab cases missing for tomorrow’s appointments; welcome pack for new patients; send thank you notes for referrals; patients with an upcoming birthday; missed or cancelled appointments; and slow-paying patients.

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