ADSTRA Dental Software is a cost effective, all-inclusive solution manages all aspects of patient care can help your dental practice go paperless has an intuitive, user-friendly interface is an integrated dental software solution has FDI and ADA numbering compability is available in English, French and Spanish




  • Clinical Records

    At-a-glance view of all aspects of the patient’s records needed when providing care

  • Periodontal Readings

    Input and compare periodontal readings for gingival recession, pocket depths, plaque, bleeding, suppuration, and calcification

  • Fillable Forms

    A collection of questions with structured replies create a fillable form to be completed by a patient or by a provider

  • Dental Charts

    Create odontograms for existing teeth conditions with user-definable colors for restoration materials


    Pad format printouts and prescription tracking; signature protected and with customizable templates

  • Treatment Notes

    Signature protected, with customizable templates and medical spell-checker

  • Organize Documents

    Import documents of various formats with options to email and preview documents, as well as add patient signatures

  • digital imaging

    Capture, organize and enhance images from digital cameras, video camera and radiographic digital devices

  • Referral Reports

    Use templates to include both pictures and text to increase efficiency in creating referral reports

  • Patient Education

    Show pre-defined case studies, infographics, or your own portfolio of before and after images of performed treatments


    Intraoral cameras, phosphor plates scanners, intraoral digital x-ray sensors, panoramic and cephalometric digital x-ray systems

  • Storing Images

    Automatic saving of captured images, one-button retrieval of original images, archive and restore by time frame

  • Image annotation tools

    Line, rectangle, allipse, polygonal line, pointer, free-hand shape, text, and notes

  • Image enhancement and x-ray tools

    Gamma correction, grayscale, histo-equlize, extra-sharp, emboss, brightness and contrast on mouse move, area optimizer and histogram viewer, as well as user-definable filters

Proven Solution


    Attractive and intuitive graphical user interface with built-in help, PDF guides, and video tutorials

  • Multi-level Security

    Role-based, password protected access to features and comprehensive audit logs

  • Multi-lingual Interface

    Available in English, French, and Spanish


    For large dental clinics with multiple locations, as well as individual dental offices


    Light-up colour buttons; send a message to a specific user or broadcast to multiple users at the same time; one-click replies


    Context sensitive, on-demand available documentation

Flexible and versatile, ADSTRA Dental Software provides a complete dental software solution for multi-location clinics or new dental practices

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