ADSTRA Systems (ADSTRAhas been an industry leader in developing dental software for over 20 years. ADSTRA is continuously improving their on-premise solution year after year. Now ADSTRA is providing the utmost up-to-date dental software, with the release of their cloud-based solution, ADSTRA Cloud. 

1. Safety And Security

ADSTRA Cloud dental software uses Microsoft Azure – the most secure platform in the world. Microsoft Azure is used by many companies, large and small, as the host on their cloud solutions, and ADSTRA Dental Software is one of them. Using advanced encryptions methods and meeting the highest safety standards, Microsoft Azure is recognized as the most secure platform in the world and has methods in place for protecting against the loss of data.

Working in the healthcare industry – dental providers have access to confidential patient information. It goes without saying that they have a duty to protect this information and ensure it is all securely stored.

Microsoft Azure for ADSTRA Cloud

In recent years, many dental practices have been affected by Trojan viruses, like the Cryptovirus, and their data was held hostage until a hefty ransom was paid.

With a cloud-based dental software solution like ADSTRA Cloud, situations like this could have been avoided. Since all of the patient data is not hosted locally on each computer, but instead on a safe and secure remote Microsoft managed server, Trojan viruses on the computer would not put the confidential patient data at risk.

2. All-Inclusive Solution

Combining the three ADSTRA modules (ADSTRA ManagementADSTRA Clinical, and ADSTRA Imaging) that help modern dental practices become more efficient – ADSTRA Cloud is a one-stop solution that is ideal for both small and large, single or multi-location dental practices.

The all-inclusive, no contract ADSTRA Cloud Monthly Subscription includes:

  • paperless dental software solution including appointments, patients’ records, imaging, clinical records, and patient forms
  • all of the software upgrades issued during the coverage period
  • unlimited on-going support by phone and remote-interactive support via the internet
  • training and access to training materials, as applicable
  • storage on Microsoft Azure Datacenters with automatic backups
  • 24/7 professionally managed IT hardware infrastructure
ADSTRA Cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure
3. Save Money

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the most powerful cloud service platform in the world, the ADSTRA Cloud dental software solution is a safe and secure solution with which dental clinics would not have to worry about the additional costs associated with servers and network connection.

ADSTRA Cloud is hosted on the most powerful cloud service platform in the world and offers a cost-effective solution for your dental practice. With no need to budget for servers or networking – your capital expenditure funds can be allocated for major equipment purchases.

Included in the monthly payment plan are: installation, training, and support – again, with NO need for any up-front capital investment.

With no need to worry about up-front costs, budgeting for servers, or even backing up your data – ADSTRA Cloud is an affordable and ideal solution for dental clinics of any size.